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Reference and Research

Science and Technology

Apollo Upgrade
Robots and plans for the next moon landing: Here's a news release showing pictures of some of the new robots NASA has designed for the next time astronauts visit the moon. Instead of a few days, astronauts will be staying on the moon for months. Under the ATHLETE robot, click on #1 and #2 to see more pictures. This would be a very interesting article to try out your compare/contrast skills. How were the Apollo missions different than the missions starting around 2020?
Mars Rover
Mars Rover lands on Mars! Choose the "Rover Mission to Mars Animation." There are three different options for viewing it, depending on what programs you have on your computer. If one doesn't work, try a different one.
Fly to Mars
Try flying to Mars.

Fly to Mars 2
You can also fly over Mars and drive the rover the way NASA does.

Rover Overview
Interested in the rovers? Check this out.
Mars Games
Mars for Kids (translation... games).
How much to you weigh?
How much would you weigh on another planet?
Photo Gallery
Photo gallery - Most of them are quite impressive. Click on the little pictures beneath the large picture to view them.




Speaking of pictures, our orbiting telescopes have taken amazing pictures too. Check out Kepler website. The Kepler just launched March 6, 2009.

NASA Games for kids

The main NASA website games for kids.
NASA for students
NASA has a student website too, with contests and real information about the space program.
Interactive Space Station
Don't forget to look at the Interactive Space Station Reference Guide.
Tour the International Space Station
Take a tour of the International Space Station. It is completely awesome! You'll need headphones for this if you're in the computer lab.
Phases of the Moon
Explore the phases of the moon. Click and drag to experiment with moon phases.
Experiment with seasons
Experiment with seasons using a website made by the same group who brought us phases of the moon above.


Books and Reading

Social Studies

General Learning Goodness

Amusements and Edutainment

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